Monday, February 18, 2013

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Monday again already!!  It’s been a busy couple of weekends in our bungalow.   My daddy dropped by and decided to put our half bath in last weekend.  We have to take him when we can get him, since our house has been a tornado.  Walls are up and we are sanding and hopefully painting this week!   Photos to share soon!!

It was a very romantic Valentine Saturday for us this weekend.  We had a relaxing morning with breakfast and the farmers market.  The a little Saturday shopping followed by an amazing dinner at one of our faves La Tavola.  I was so, so excited to see Dracula at ballet after dinner...however we enjoyed ourselves a dinner for a little too long, were late to the ballet and had to sit in the balcony.  We could barely see and had no idea what was happening.  So after 10 minutes we left…lol.  But I didn’t mind at all.  We got to head home and spend the whole next day recovering.

So that’s what’s new in our bungalow...lots happening and lots of photos to share soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Coffee Thoughts

Crazy weather down, cold, hot, cold, I'm over it and ready for Springtime.

Life has been crazy busy as well.  Lots but yet nothing exciting to share in our bungalow.  I'm not exactly sure where all of our time to going these days.

We have lots of projects in the air and lots of plans.

Consuming most of my free time thoughts are vacation plans.  I'm running in circles trying to decided when and where?!?!  Everyday I'm changing my mind.
Relaxing, tropical, quite vacation?
Ultra Marine
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Somewhere new and exciting?
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Or perhaps a little adventure overseas?
Clovelly, England a Pathway to the sea
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What to do?!?  Suggestions welcome!