Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Bucket List

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Thus far summer has been a whirl wind.
But I'm happy my travel is behind me and
looking forward to enjoying our bungalow this summer.

I will celebrate with our
Summer Bucket List
In no certain order...

take more photos and learn how to use my DSLR

impromptu beach trip with our P
(I guess it won't be impromptu if I'm planning on it)

finish up the back yard beds
Make your own sprinkler out of a 2-liter bottle!  Fun craft for kids.
play in the sprinkler

create/buy a play kitchen for P

organize an office space in our little bungalow

tire swing

family mountain weekend - this may spill over into fall

family smores night

fresh picked summer blueberries.
blueberry picking

day/night at Stone Mountain 
(always a favorite of mine)

teach P to swim - thus far not going so well

and last but not least...perhaps revamp our little place in the blogsphere.

Cheers to a Tuesday

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 a month to remember

May proved to be a difficult month.
Full of surprises and challenges.

The month started with an impromptu trip for Parker 
to Virginia to visit her Great-Grandfather with Mimi
He was in the hospital recovering from a possible stroke.
I know Parker helped heal him.

The Mr. and I had a great get-a-way in Puerto Rico.

The Mr. started a new job/career at Whole Foods.
So excited for him and this new opportunity.
It's nice that he's getting back into a routine.

The Mr. somehow got a severe cornea scratch
After 1 urgent care visit
a couple hundred $$ of co-pays
5 visits to the eye doctor
and another couple hundred $$ of medication
Happy to report he's mostly healed.

Memorial Day
Now has a new meaning for us.
My veteran granddaddy said goodbye
George M.  Davis, Jr.
After 25 years of Parkinson's he is now with his bride and our heavenly father.
It was truly an honor to be his granddaughter.
He was more accomplished and brave than I could ever imagine.
I can only hope I can be half the person he was.
I would like to share a very brief glimpse of his life.