Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bring on Sweet Summertime

May has ended with a glorious 3 day weekend full for friends, family, fun, and new beginnings.  My little brother has graduated and is leaving home in a couple of months.  He will be continuing the family tradition and becoming a Seminole!  My best friend has completed the final stages of wedding prep and is getting married in a month!  And it is officially hot in the ATL.  We have a summer full of activities.  I’m not going to lie, thinking about it kind of makes me tired but I know it is going to be a blast!  This June I plan to refocus my efforts on this blog back to my favorite things…making our bungalow a home, food, beverages, and travels.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sorry I’ve been missing in action this week. My world has been inundated with graduation activities, bachelorette preparations, and a couple of work outs. Yes, I did say work outs! I have actually worked out twice with week for the first time in awhile. I can barely move today.

Little bro is almost done with High School. I can’t believe it he is growing up so fast.  He is 10 years younger and sometime he feels like my baby.  We had his baccalaureate Tuesday night.  It was a very nice ceremony with a very odd key note speaker, the founder of the Big Peach Running Company.  He would pause...in very random places during the speak.  He was a bit out there to say the least.  I think he just googled 'quotes with the word ‘run’' in them and attempted to circle around to the theme running is a universal language. After about 25 minutes he finally got around to a point.

In other random news…gardenias are blooming. I love gardenias and definitely my favorite smelling flowers. Our black eye susans have had buds for about a week now but this morning walking to my car I found they are finally starting to bloom. I’m hoping went I get home they will be fully opened!

I have a very full 3 day weekend ahead! Hopefully I will have lots of fun pics to share next week.

I did leave this post title-less.  Everyone always has such clever post titles and I just can’t compete.  I think of them at random times and never remember them when I need them.  I promise to start writing them down.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Perfect Saturday Morning

It's been one of the more perfect, peaceful mornings.  Slept in until almost 9!  Sent the Mr. off to work.  Hendrix and I have enjoyed watermelon and coffee on the back porch.  And I have finally figured out this pinterest thing and it is pretty addicting.  There are some absolutely beautiful things, creative ideas, and inspiring quotes.  Bad news is I am not dying to go on a crazy vacation and buy new furniture...eek.  Instead I will opt for a few new plants and perhaps this little project over the rest of my weekend.

{image: here}

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Already!

Wow this week has really gotten away from me. My Grandaddy has been in town staying at my parents this week so I’ve been trying to hang out there as much as possible. Yesterday, he got to visit our little bungalow and meet his great grand dog Hendrix.

This week was very busy but I don’t feel very accomplished. I’m happy to report that all of our plants are still alive and flourishing and our black eyed susans are about to bloom! Kudos to the Mr., he successful put in a bright new headlight in the car, I was very impressed! I have another full weekend ahead, it seems there all are these days. Lunch date with an in town friend and movie night with the girls Saturday and Sunday is my little bro’s graduation lunch at church and hopefully I will get to spend the afternoon preparing myself for a very busy week and 3 day weekend :) !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend I visited my Grandmother’s home town of Abingdon, Virginia.  It is a quiet, quaint little town in the mountains. 

a home downtown where my Grandmother used to hang out when the family visited town

my sister, mama, and me outside the wine shop with our purchases

the courtyard behind the wine shop

Friday night we arrived and my mama, sister and I went for a drink at the Martha Washington Inn. Saturday we visited some cousins and then attended the memorial service for another family member, one Grandmother's first cousin. It was sad but joyous event. The service was held on her family farm, Windy Hill Farm, doves were released by her son and everyone was given ashes to spread. 

This is truly one of the most peaceful places.

aunt, mama, sister, and apparently a cousin ?

 she has beautiful gardens

my grandmother's first cousin Mary Dell and my aunt

 they released doves after the service

And on the road to the farm we saw some terrible damage from the tornado a few weeks ago.  It took crews 3 days to reach the house from the main road.

After the service we went to Damascus for Trail Days, a festival for hikers that are on the Appalachian Trail.  It might possibly have even inspired me to do someday hike a portion of the trail.  I don’t think I could ever fathom hiking the full trail at 2,000 miles but perhaps from GA to Abingdon on day with my children.  I spoke to a man at the hotel and he had done this and it took him 36 days.  The festival consisted of mostly camping equipment and hippie stuff.  We did discover this hammock tent combo, my sister has those pic and has not yet sent them over.  If I ever do some service AT hiking I will definitely opt for this tent by Hennessy Hammock.  Sunday we went to church and headed home.  It was quite a drive for very quick trip. 

Only 1 more weekend until my bff’s last fling before the ring weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flower Box Photo Shoot

Tonight I went out to take a few pics of the flower box my Daddy recently made us.  In addition to a few flower box shots my boy Hendrix and I had an impromptu photo shoot.  Isn't he just the cutest thing.  The Mr. and I have had Hendrix since he was a wee 8 pounds and this November he will be 5 years old.  He is growing up so fast.

The flower box which we are using for our herbs.  Very conveniently located to the kitchen hanging off the back deck.  Love it!!  Thanks Daddy! 

Notice the flower box on the far end. 

He loves giving high fives. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend = Photo Failure

I hate to say it but I have NO pictures for wine club….NO pictures from the Derby party…No pictures from the weekend period.  Very sad situation.  We I had a very relaxing Mother’s day.  After church I had my family and aunt over for lunch and then caught some rays by the pool.  Had a great weekend but didn’t get much accomplished.  Weekend was a total photo failure. T his week I hope to find a time and location to take a photography class or workshop and to finally start to learn how to property utilize my Christmas present.

I hope all of the Mother’s out there had a wonderfully joyful and relaxing weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

French Country Wine Night

I love summertime parties!!


{unknown...somewhere on pinterest.com}

I’m hosting wine night tonight!  Unfortunately my back deck won’t look like these beauties but I know we will have a blast.  I have a tasty French menu and plenty of wine planned for the evening.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing night on the porch with the girls.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I had almost forgotten today is Cino de Mayo.  Another excuse for American’s to drink.  Trust me I am not complaining.  One of my favorite guilty pleasures is a good margarita with chips and queso.  We received a margarita mix along with a slew of bar supplies as a wedding shower gift.  It is the best mix either of us had ever had.

It is hard to find in stores but we have yet to buy anything other than the El Paso All Natural Key Lime Margarita Mix!
El Paso Key Lime Mix + Corralejo Tequila Reposado + Cointreau = perfect margarita!
I will be having one tonight before my JL End of the Year Banquet…shhhh.

Please Soon

I’m craving bare feet, naturally dried hair, nautical strips, and water!  Please soon.

{image: here}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beauty Rest

After a long evening of cleaning the house in preparations for this Friday’s wine club….the Mr. and I slept sound and snug on our new mattress!

{image: here}

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Exciting Monday

The weekends are going by way too fast. I feel like the summer heat is creeping closer and closer and I don’t mind at all! I even have a little sunburn on my shoulders. It was a very busy week but I’m sad to say nothing too exciting to report from the weekend.
Friday was happy hour.
Saturday got a little house work done, laid out at the pool, and went out for some birthday festivities.
Sunday got a little more work done around the house and explored the Taste of Marietta.

Exciting Monday News!
After a relatively quiet day at work the Mr. and I ventured out in search of a new mattress! It has been several years since either of us has purchased a one. We have 2 queen beds and have been switching them back and forth because they are both terrible! We have stalled on buying a new one because we want a king bed but unfortunately in our little bungalow a king bed would overtake our bedroom. But we have decided that since one of our queens is from the Mr.’s childhood it’s time to break down and get a new one. I am sad to say that we did not do too much research prior to shopping but we found a great buy. We definitely spent more than we had planned but as the Mr. explained we sleep on it every night it’s worth a little splurging. We opted for a Simmons Beautyrest with coconut memory foam. The even better news…it is being delivered tonight! I will keep you posted on our beauty rest tomorrow.