Monday, October 31, 2011

Boootiful Day

Happy Halloween
It's hard to believe October is nearly over!!  This month has flown by.  So I'm not a big Halloween person, however there are sooo many cute costume ideas on pinterest.  I can't wait to make costumes for our little person one of these days.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Friday

I think it might be safe to say fall really is here for good now. When it's still reaching the seventies it's hard to feel fall in the air....but this morning I could feel, taste, and smell it!! I'm looking forward to a full weekend of hanging around the house and enjoying the crisp air, some tasty coffee, perhaps a little window shopping and a little bit of lounging around.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New York, New York - The Eats

Last one I promise but by far our favorite things.  Of course we didn't have the time or the stomach room to try everything we wanted but we definitely made a decent dent.  The best bites were...

Various Hot Dog Stands
Of course the first stop by a hot dog stand. Nothing better than a boiled street dog.

Otto Pizzeria - Mario's pizza place
Funny story, this was our Saturday night dinner. We went early so we could make it to several places that evening. I had a pizza from the daily special list, really good but I don't remember what it was. The Mr. had the Otto Lardo Pizza, their specialty. He really enjoyed it and ate the entire thing. This might get confuse follow closely... Last week one of his coworker's girlfriend was in NY and went to the same place. The server was talking about the menu and describing the Lardo Pizza and said it was very rich definitely something you want to share...but last week we had a guy come in and eat the entire thing himself....yes that was my Mr. I don't know if I should be proud of that, but I am.

Could have spent hours checking out all of the CHEESE!  We love cheese.  The cellar is downstairs and has such a fun drink list.  All of the cocktails have great names and history.  I'm a sucker for good name for all things nail polish, paint colors, and yes cocktails too!  Check out the drink list here.  If you go you have to try the mac and cheese and a fun name cocktail.  I haven't even mentioned the great decor and furnishings in the cellar.  They have a wonderful mix of furniture.  The booth seating and tables jet out from the walls and are made of concrete and stone adorn with beautiful cushions.  It's definitely a great little spot for a pre dinner drink and app.

Had to try....very good but no Antico.

The diagram says it all....this was the Mr.'s heaven. He really should have been Italian. He could have slept in that place. They have everything! Combine all aspects of Italian cuisine into 12 restaurants and a market!  Seriously heaven...really not much I can say to really describe the amazingness.  Go see for yourself.

So cool. We found out about this from a friend and it is definitely something to check out. Here is the info on PDT. Don't be afraid to wonder into the phone booth even when the restaurant is crowded and not one is looking at it...just go for it! They have the best bartender and an AM-azing drink list. I also suggest the Willey Dog. I promise you will never find another hot dog bar like this one.

Chelsea Market
Great little stroll. We picked up a grilled cheese, croissant, and coffees and explored all of the shops. They have a great little kitchen supply store with the coolest dishes. I really could have gone crazy if I had more luggage space.

Beautiful views, great atmosphere, excellent services, and wonderful food and beer. They have Dogfish Head cask brewed made especially for this place and there menu.  I discovered I really like cask beer, who knew?! Our server was really great, a bit peculiar but very good. Mr. described him as Joey from friends that had some bad drugs and was just a little off center. He had some very interest tattoos and no offense New Yorker's but he definitely seems like a local...well turns out he is from Birmingham, AL...very random. He even sent us out bar hopping in search of the imfamous 120. No luck but we found some really great places along the way.

We already have our list made for the next trip.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New York, New York - Part III

Almost done I promise

the windows of the apple store

the views from the High Line...such a fun afternoon stroll.  I definitely recommend.

a little snack on the bridge

a pic in the room before our early anniversary dinner a La BirreriaAmazing!  I hate I don't have any pics of our meals but we were too busy eating and drinking.

It was fire safety day in Rockefeller Center.

rink in progress

Top of the Rock

It was the a great trip.  Full of tasty food.  More to come of the eats but I promise no more pictures.

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York, New York - The Park

View from the Top of the Rock

Ice Skating Rink in progress

The Plaza

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pinned Image

The end of the week is already upon us....ekkk.  This week went by way too fast.
I do apologize for my absence the 2nd half of this week.  I have such great photos to share.  Unfortunately I encounted a very disappointing car accident and have been out of commission.  Hopefully I will catch up on things over the weekend and be back to posting next week.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York, New York - Part I

We are back and have leaped back into reality.  It was a great trip.  We did a little bit of tourist-ing, a little relaxing, and found our way into a few local joints.  Overall a very successful trip.  I've broken our trip into a couple of posts to recap. 

We arrived early Saturday morning and were not quite able to check into the hotel which we expected.  So we ventured out to take a few sites near the hotel.
Are you really for picture overload...

The Mr. taking in the sites, sounds, and bad smells of Time Square.

While checking out the madness of Time Square on a Saturday we were bombarded and stuck in the middle of 1500 racing skateboarders.  We had no idea what was happening.  Later we found it was Broadway Bomb, 3 day event with a race of 1,500 skateboards from Riverside to 116th street down Broadway.  It was amazing and terrifing we saw one guy almost crushed between a bus and a stop sign.

Grand Central....They have a great little market perfect for picnic packing!
Everytime I saw this building I had to say/sign....'Make it shine like the top of the Chrysler Building'.  Got to love orphan Annie!

Such a pretty building and a public library...seriously, New Yorkers are so lucky!  Made me feel like I was in Europe.

The view from our room!

Random street fair on Sunday morning.

Near the 9/11 Memorial

The new WTC 1 - Freedom Tower in construction

Little it!

Lombardi's excellent pizza...but I belive Antico still wins!