Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five...Last Friday of January

Happy Weekend!
I'm happy to say I have a full 48 unplanned hours.
I'm sure I will wake up with a full plan for the weekend by 8am tomorrow.
But for now I'm enjoying the thought 'I have no plans'.

Celebrating my Friday with my 5 favorites from this month and maybe a few from December...

Love, love, love my new coffee mug warmer.
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Christmas gift from the MIL.

sleeping baby, sitting up
I keep waking up to find her like this...
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Parker in her super sweet apron from her Papaw
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Parker loves my brother so much...she loves kissing on him.
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Of course I have to include one of Driftwood Beach
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Cheers to the weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On the Road...Jekyll Island

First Annual Ladies Trip
My Aunt hosted us for our very 1st Annual Ladies Trip.
We enjoyed a fantastic, relaxing 3 day weekend at the Jekyll Island Club.

Aunt Cie got us an amazing, very appropriate, 'Girlfriend' Package.
Which included...
breakfast buffet...most amazing cheese grits
afternoon the most lovely, sun lit sitting room
in room massage for each of us
picnic lunch, beach towels, and bike rental

Jekyll Island Club is a historic hotel with beautiful grounds, great service, and one of the very few places to stay on the island.
I would recommend for a couples or ladies get-a-way.
Several dining options on property and within walking distance.
We valeted upon arrival and didn't get the car back until we departed.

It was a bit cooler than we anticipated but nevertheless enjoyable.
There is something about being by the water this is relaxing.
And something about the beach in the crowds and a quiet peacefulness.

After check in we went down for tea.
Decent selection of loose leaf teas.
Of course cute little tea snacks, my favorite...bacon and peanut butter toast square.
I've heard of the combo but never tried it. 
Excellent combo!
Note: when going to a tea, don't be a pig and limit yourself to 3 to 4 bites plate.

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The best part of tea was the beautiful light filled round room with a view
of the pool and then beyond that the river.
We got a table nestled in the middle of the room beside the fireplace.
Photo below is the room sat in for the tea....
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of course I failed to take a photo while we were inside the room.

Since we had tea at 4 and ate so many bacon and peanut butter bites
we opted for wine and appetizers on the pier.
We sat at the bar, I love sitting at a bar.
You meet people and really get a feel for the place.

Sunday we had a relaxing morning stroll.
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so many beautiful building scattered around the grounds.
Some are historic, some museums, and some for events with guestrooms.

Enjoyed breakfast in the dining room while we each took turns in the room for our massage.
We shopped around the shops on property.
Super cute.
We all got an ornaments.
My sister stocked up on various hot sauces for her man.
My aunt picked up a driftwood wreath.
And my mom got a beautiful necklace.

After we were all relaxed we picked up our picnic lunches, towels, and grabs the bikes.
We rode across the island to the beach for lunch.
Over lunch we met the cutest, most well spoken 3 year old from St. Paul, MN.
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They have tons of bike trails all across the island.
Great place for an active person.
We were not too adventurous. 
We biked back to the hotel and caught the shuttle to Driftwood Beach.

Get ready for photo overload....
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The most amazing place, Driftwood Beach.
Make a note and visit, seriously!
It's probably half mile or so of incredible driftwood.
Kids were climbing away, biking and weaving through the structures...think nature's jungle gym.
It is a kids dream playground....and mine too.
I took a million pictures on my phone and so sad I didn't have my camera.
We had no idea what to expect.

We went back to the pier for dinner again Sunday
and got to enjoy the Sunset.
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My aunt and I loved Driftwood Beach so much we went back for sunrise.
Unfortunately it was high tide so all of the driftwood was underwater.
Disappointing but also great to see such a different prospective.
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sunrise over the marsh

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as the tide went down, the driftwood appeared.
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It was so peacefully to roam around on the beach with my coffee and enjoy the beginning of the day without a soul in sight.

It was a great ending to a relaxing winter beach trip!
We are now researching for our 2nd Annual Ladies Trip.
Suggestions welcome...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five

What a week...can even wrap my head around the fact it's Friday.

Lesson learned this week
Untreated Strep Throat brings a terrible, horrible RASH!
Sweet Parker has been such a trooper.

Driftwood Beach
AMAZING, I will have to a do a full post on our
Girls Trip to Jekyll Island last weekend
Such a relaxing get-a-way

'Stay Above the Line'
I have been in such a foul mood all week!
I am trying to stay 'above the line' (of negativity) 
our new saying at work to get us in a better mental place

Mini Boden
The spring catalog arrived this week
I could go crazy with all of these cute little things!
 stripy ruffle logo dress
 ruffle sweatshirt
Cable Cardigan

Weekend project....
cleaning out the closet of anything I haven't worn this winter
and starting a diet!!
I will be in bathing suit shape by May.
at least that's the plan.

Love this Friday Link Up
Cheers to the Weekend!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday

Not off to as productive year as I had thought.
Honestly I've been a bit lazy after 10am.
Apparently I'm quite the morning person.

My mind has been wandering a lot this week.
For example...

I really want an new iphone cover.
I've been using a Lily Pulitzer cover and frankly it's just to cold to have a spring/summer phone cover.
Is it bad that I don't even want to use in public because it's so out of season?

Спољни дуг је нарастао на више од 27 милијарди евра и његово стварно учешће у БДП је око 97 одсто, а не званичних 86 одсто -
I waited until January 1st to order my 2015 planner.
I check my order status at least twice a day.
Very impatiently waiting on it to ship.

I have photos on my 'big camera' from November that I have yet to download.
Note: excellent Saturday morning project.

I'm loving my new Mascara my sister got me for Christmas.
Dior 'Diorshow' Mascara available at #Nordstrom This really is my fav when it comes to mascaras, my go to when I need some length and definition and I am just loving how long it lasts too.
Only flaw very difficult to get off.
I've tried several make-up removing wipes and eye remover and still wake up with some black under the eyes.  Just order the Rodan and Field Redefine Eye Cloths, hoping those will do the trick.
Stay tuned.

[iPhone 5 Wallpaper] Recharge #seanwesmondays
I'm excited to have a Saturday with NO plans.
Sad that after only my first full week at work I need a recharge.

Cheers to a restful and productive weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No More or Less

Trying to make a New Years Resolution
without using 'more' or 'less' is quite difficult.

I don't want to try and do too much or eliminate anything from my normal routine.

Elementary School Choir's Cover Of Pharrell's 'Happy' Will Make Your Whole Week Better

My New Year will be more about
Choose happy.
finding and enjoying the moments of joy, fun and happiness in everyday life
not to take anything for granted
to remember how blessed we are each day

Live Now

and as my sister has be kinder to each other and ourselves.

Reading this made me think of Tobias in Divergent. When he told Tris about his tattoos.....

Monday, January 5, 2015

Adios 2014

See ya later 2014

I'm not too sad to see the end of 2014.
It was a great year with some great times and some not so great moments.

I am looking forward to this new year {on January 5th}.
I have some big plans for myself in all aspects of life and hopefully a little catching up included.
And hope that 2015 will truly be a new beginning in our little bungalow.

So Cheers and Happy New Year!

Here's my first favorite picture of 2015!