Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My Busy Mom Devotional couldn't have come at a better time.
The Busy Mom's Devotional: Ten Minutes a Week to a Life of Devotion by Lisa T. Bergren. $10.46. 224 pages. Publisher: WaterBrook Press (June 16, 2010). Author: Lisa T. Bergren

It must be that time of the month.
Work is crazy, P has just become mobile, eating real food,
final touches on sister's wedding in full swing.

I have not adjusted to this new lifestyle
with a mobile baby that eats 3 real meals a day.
Being a working mama is NO joke.
Sometime I just need a little reminder at the end of the day that we are very blessed!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five

My mind has been busy this week.
We have so much on the horizon this fall.
It's hard to stay on track.
The next 2 weekends are our last with now plans
until pretty much Christmas!

We will spend the weekend getting organized!

Always on-the-go? This guide will make sure you stay healthy and fit with a busy lifestyle.
most importantly starting today!

I'm loving the Skimm
I can't recall the blog where I learned about it.
Super quick and funny way to stay up to date on the news.

How to Set Up a Digital Home Management Binder - Pin it for later
Our family paperwork is everywhere.
About a year ago I tried the binder thing
didn't work.
This weekend I'll be trying something new.

Party Planning in Progress!
I just stuck my little's sisters Bachelorette Party Invites in the mail.
Sneak peak here.
Displaying photo.JPG
I love them!  Thank you Darby Cards Nashville.
She was so wonderful to work with and cards came super fast in super cute packaging.

Party Planning Part 2!
Our Parker's 1st Party planning is in full swing.
Details to follow.

TGIF Indeed!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh September

Hello, Goodbye September  3 more days left & 3 more days left to order the September GLOSSYBOX

I love the fall but I am not ready for my summer to fade.
Last week at daycare we saw the first leaves falling.

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We have a busy Fall ahead of us in our Bungalow.

Here's a little September Bucket List...

Date Night
Parker’s Party Planning
Visit to see a new baby with my BFF J
Our 1st FSU Football Game in 2 years!!  I can’t wait to be back in Tally
Start my Busy Mom Devotional
Disney Packing/Planning
Start cleaning out room downstairs
Convenience the Mr. to redo our kitchen back splash
run, run, and run some more

Sounds more like a to-do list than bucket list.
But we are just gearing up for a very exciting October!
Disney and half marathon here we come!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend in Photos

We had a lovely weekend...

Celebrating the Mr.
Displaying photo.JPG
With a ton of sushi!

A little ice cream after dinner
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Saturday aka Gameday
We woke up to this beautiful 10 month old
Displaying photo 2.JPG

PL stayed up late for the game
She made it through the 1st quarter
Displaying photo 4.JPG

Sunday morning we skipped church to sleep in
and then PL and I hiked up the mountain
Displaying photo 5.JPG

Displaying photo 1.JPG

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Then PL enjoyed some spaghetti maybe a little too much...haha
Displaying photo 3.JPG

Later we walked down to the art festival near the house with my aunt
PL enjoyed the fountain
Displaying photo.JPG

And I was entertained by these
furry guys attached to their owners

This was a first, have y'all ever seen this before??
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Displaying photo 4.JPG

Happy Tuesday and Happy September
It's going to be a great favorite!

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Very Special Friday Five

First and most importantly
we celebrate the Mr. today.
Happy 32nd Birthday
to my one and only.

It's hard to believe we are celebrating our 8th birthday together!
Please don't kill me for posting all of these pictures :)

need I say more.

Bachelorette Weekend
My sister's weekend in October is finally booked.
Invites going out next week and all arrangements made.
Now on to the fun stuff!
Bachelorette Party Cake - we could switch the pink to blue :)

I'm not ready for fall weather.
I still want to soak up the sun and swim.

tomorrow this little lady will be 10 months old.

even she can't believe it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's Starting Again!

I never participate in #TBT
but in honor of the 1st day of College Football 2014
I figure it was a pretty good day to start.

For those of you that don't know
I'm kind of obsessed with college football
and more obsessed with my beloved FSU 
aka 2013 College Football Champs

So here's a few TBT and a recap of last year's season with little P.

Mr.'s first Gameday in Tally
wow we were young.

tailgating at it's finest...

little Johnny then a high school freshman, now a college junior at FSU

Aunt Liz leaving for Gameday against Miami while we are in the hospital.

Parker enjoying the UF game...
Displaying photo.JPG

And last but not least Parker sending her Mimi, Papa John, and Uncle off to Pasadena...

Cheers to another great College Football Season!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visit to the ER

Yes it's true
Last Thursday we had our 1st ER visit.
Poor little P had a fall and as the Mr. says...
'It was like a football player' head-bang into the laundry basket.
She thinks she can stand up an walk.
Truth...we aren't there yet.

I wasn't home at the time
thank goodness cause apparently there was a lot of blood.
(I would love to be in the medical field but can't handle blood)

I was surprisingly very calm through the incident
We headed to the Urgent Care
but then she was falling asleep on us.
Scared us silly so we made a U-turn for the ER.
Flashers on and speeding.

End of the day we learned...
- it's okay for her to fall asleep
(apparently not a big deal for a kid who falls on the head to fall asleep?? so the nurse said)
 - children under 2 don't get CT scans unless they hit concrete or another very hard surface
(not a laundry basket)
- after a gross puke in the ER
(note: ran out of the house no diaper bag = very smelling and messy baby and daddy = embarrassed mama)
- they sent us on our way with Tylenol and Neosporin.

Displaying photo.JPG

Our first 'over reacting' parenting experience.
But I'm okay with that, better safe than sorry.
Parker is such a sport, she makes it hard to tell when she isn't feeling well.