Friday, January 8, 2016

Wanderlust: 2016 Travel Wish List

How to make a vision board and chase your dreams ( step-by-step guide), via Career Girl Daily:

noun; a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Traveling is one of our favorite things.
I wish we had more time and money to travel more often.
One of my resolutions is to be more proactive in planning and take advantage of the little free time we do have.

In random order
Here's my 2016 wanderlust guide:

Big Sur / San Fran / Napa
Big Sur, California ---> just as beautiful as Santorini and Capri!:
I'm thrilled to say this one is already in the works!
This Journey Junkie's travel guide has been super helpful.
Babysitter is scheduled, thanks Mimi and Papa.

Family Vacation
We are trying to decided when and where our family of 3 will get a way this year.
I'm excited to plan a trip for just our little threesome.
We have so many ideas with a 2.5 year old we are torn between a new adventure or an old favorite.
ie: beach vs grand canyon

Anniversary Trip
Right now I'm thinking Chicago.
Best Rooftop Brunch Restaurants in Chicago:
Nothing too crazy, easy weekend get-a-way

Summer Family Reunion
This year, we are spending a few days on my cousins lake home in NC.
Super excited for some relaxing family time on the lake.

Realistically that wraps up our major travel plans apart from some trips to visit family.
My siblings are trying to rope us into a Vegas trip, but that's just not really our thing.
I'd be going to see the shows, which may sell us.  Stay tuned!


PS: What did we do before Pinterest?'s been incredible helpful in travel planning lately.
PSS:  First photo is from my new favorite daily read...Career Girl Daily, check it out.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A look back at Fall: A Parker Update

This was drafted long ago but finally getting around to finishing.

Parker grows up more ever day, our precious baby is now a little girl.
(I could cry just writing this)
Everyday is a new word is discovered
a new favorite toy
a new routine emerges
and her sweet giggles keep melting us.
Parker currently loves....

Displaying IMG_20150815_103736894.jpg
Displaying IMG_20150815_103736894.jpg
We love our babies that she carries around, feeds, and puts to sleep each day.
She loves to pat their backs to sleep, quite hard I will say.
A new favorite changes each day and we carry around as many as possible.
2-3 in our arms, one in our purse (which we can't leave home without), and then mama and dada are given one to carry.

We love Elmo and have to say nigh nigh Elmo before leaving the house and going to bed.

Love being outside on the porch or at Mimi Papa's (it's usually a one word combo)
Picking up hats (the acorn tops) and sticks, pulling the petals off her flowers, and racing in the grass.

Our brother Hendrix gets a lot of love
Well all dogs
wanted and unwanted
We crawl on his back for 'rides' which don't ever happen.
We've learned to feed him (too much)
and then we like to feed him by mouth and have little chats with him...

We love to drink it, play in it, and pour it around everywhere.
Don't like anything beverages other than milk and water.
We LOVE to swim, kick, blow bubbles, and dig a hole.
Parker loves visiting Mimi Papa and swimming with Mimi
Enjoys her bath but not crazy about the actual cleaning part.

Race Car Cart
Love shopping in our race car cart.
But only in a car cart.

Mimi and Papa

Displaying 4785.jpeg
She loves hanging out with Mimi and Papa

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet P!
Displaying IMG_20151031_183141282.jpg
We spent her 2nd birthday a bit under the weather.  My brother and Gabby were in town and we have a big family dinner at P's favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden.  (I'm convinced it's the sticker kids menu and side of grapes.)  Very low key this year since we were living with my parents while the move/new home updates were gearing up.

Waiting for my new camera cord and will post a full range of P pics soon.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Change is Constant

Goodbye 2015

Well it's been awhile
but things have been changing in our little bubble.
I've been terrible about documenting our little world
and hoping to get back in the groove this year.

We had some extreme highs and lows in 2015.

First for the big news...
We are no longer residing in the bungalow.
Bittersweet to say the least.
I personally had the most difficult time.
P is loving her new space in "Parker's House".

The sale has been on our brain for more than a year
we had outgrown the bungalow long ago. 
We finally broke down and put the sign out.
After that it was only a matter of days before everything was complete.
We were luck to have a fantastic opportunity to flip houses with a wonderful family.
This gave us not only a great deal but time to move with plenty of time to pack.

We are now as settled as we will be for awhile.
I'll share our adventure room by room as we work our way through the new home.
And I've made a promise to myself to be a been record keeper for our P.

I have lots in store for 2016 and looking forward lots of new and exciting changes!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Displaying image.jpeg

Thus far summer has been a whirl wind.
But I'm happy my travel is behind me and
looking forward to enjoying our bungalow this summer.

I will celebrate with our
Summer Bucket List
In no certain order...

take more photos and learn how to use my DSLR

impromptu beach trip with our P
(I guess it won't be impromptu if I'm planning on it)

finish up the back yard beds
Make your own sprinkler out of a 2-liter bottle!  Fun craft for kids.
play in the sprinkler

create/buy a play kitchen for P

organize an office space in our little bungalow

tire swing

family mountain weekend - this may spill over into fall

family smores night

fresh picked summer blueberries.
blueberry picking

day/night at Stone Mountain 
(always a favorite of mine)

teach P to swim - thus far not going so well

and last but not least...perhaps revamp our little place in the blogsphere.

Cheers to a Tuesday

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 a month to remember

May proved to be a difficult month.
Full of surprises and challenges.

The month started with an impromptu trip for Parker 
to Virginia to visit her Great-Grandfather with Mimi
He was in the hospital recovering from a possible stroke.
I know Parker helped heal him.

The Mr. and I had a great get-a-way in Puerto Rico.

The Mr. started a new job/career at Whole Foods.
So excited for him and this new opportunity.
It's nice that he's getting back into a routine.

The Mr. somehow got a severe cornea scratch
After 1 urgent care visit
a couple hundred $$ of co-pays
5 visits to the eye doctor
and another couple hundred $$ of medication
Happy to report he's mostly healed.

Memorial Day
Now has a new meaning for us.
My veteran granddaddy said goodbye
George M.  Davis, Jr.
After 25 years of Parkinson's he is now with his bride and our heavenly father.
It was truly an honor to be his granddaughter.
He was more accomplished and brave than I could ever imagine.
I can only hope I can be half the person he was.
I would like to share a very brief glimpse of his life.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Photo Purge

Wonderful weekend in our Bungalow.

Friday Date, which is long overdue

Saturday trip to Pike's this place.
Saturday night we volunteered at Church

Followed by Sunday church then Zoo.

Here's my iPhone photo purge...

Displaying photo.JPG

Displaying photo 1.JPG

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Displaying photo 5.JPG

Displaying photo 3.JPG

Displaying photo 4.JPG

Cheers to Monday!
More organized posts to come.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday...I've been waiting

I don't think I've ever been more excited about a weekend ❤️

Every day this week has felt like Friday.
I've been a rough week back in reality.

Looking forward to a Friday night date!

Followed by hopefully a relaxing family weekend.
I'm too drained to have much more to share.

I'll be back on the wagon next week with fun things.