Friday, July 23, 2010

We Are Back

Vacation was amazing! See photo overload below….

This would  be an amazing project!

I love the old school carolina beach homes.

I think we need to take a week vacation every quarter. It is refreshing and re-energizing. I love my family even with our moments of drama all is fun. We are back with lots of plans for the next couple of months. Since vacation we have had friends in town one weekend, wedding the next weekend, and off to visit the in laws this weekend. In between all of that we are in the midst of a laundry room revamp, creation and installation of a new light over the kitchen sink, turning out toilet green, and lots of ideas!

Items on the list for the next couple of months…

- Finish Laundry Room
- Purchase and Install Microwave…I can not believe I’ve lived over a year without one.
- Redo kitchen backsplash with white subway tile
- Board and batting and paint in guestroom
- Finish front year landscape

I will keep you all updated and promise to start posting regularly.


  1. I love the blog.

    I will comment.

    And, that house in SC looks like Tobacco Road -- it will be a project all right.

    Is Blake handy?

    Cause, would you be needing John to help?

    Just thinkin'.

  2. and you need to add my blog to your list -- whether you read it or not -- it's all about the press, kid.

  3. oh, yeah..

    here it is...