Monday, May 6, 2013

May Showers??

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April's showers have not yet brought May flowers?
Instead we have had May showers, storms, and hail?
What is going on with the wacky weather of 2014?
My body, wardrobe, and Hendrix are confused?

In other news I feel like I am getting back on track this week.
For starters I've hired a maid and she starts today!!
(Angels are singing and Hendrix is wagging his tail)

We've been very busy bees in our bungalow lately.
Getting the yard cleaned up and then destroyed again by the storms.
We've been looking for a new car!  Very exciting.
Picking out paint colors for our bedroom
I'm ready for a change
And a great trip to our nations capital last weekend.

Here are some photos of our trip...

checking out George Washington's whiskey

strolling through the mall
Next on the list is planning wedding showers
and our summer trip...
hint, hint
I can not wait!

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