Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five

My mind has been busy this week.
We have so much on the horizon this fall.
It's hard to stay on track.
The next 2 weekends are our last with now plans
until pretty much Christmas!

We will spend the weekend getting organized!

Always on-the-go? This guide will make sure you stay healthy and fit with a busy lifestyle.
most importantly starting today!

I'm loving the Skimm
I can't recall the blog where I learned about it.
Super quick and funny way to stay up to date on the news.

How to Set Up a Digital Home Management Binder - Pin it for later
Our family paperwork is everywhere.
About a year ago I tried the binder thing
didn't work.
This weekend I'll be trying something new.

Party Planning in Progress!
I just stuck my little's sisters Bachelorette Party Invites in the mail.
Sneak peak here.
Displaying photo.JPG
I love them!  Thank you Darby Cards Nashville.
She was so wonderful to work with and cards came super fast in super cute packaging.

Party Planning Part 2!
Our Parker's 1st Party planning is in full swing.
Details to follow.

TGIF Indeed!

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