Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall is Here Randoms

Wistfully Country perfect to have a stack of these for Christmas time napping with a house full of family....

Perhaps I should say winter.
It was a bone chilling 18 this am.
My sister's wedding, that my mama and I are planning,
is finalllllly here this coming Saturday.
I'm so excited for it finally come.
I'm very excited but also excited that once it has over I can get back to our routine.

The Mr. started a new job last month!
{Angels Are Singing}
The new job is all positives
minus a long commute.
He is off weekends and has a more regular people schedule.
So happy to have my Mr. back!

Our Parker is 1 year and 3 weeks.
I can not believe how much has happened the last 13 months.
Our world has forever changed.

Trim Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro : Decorating : HGTV

I started listening to Christmas music this week.
I am ready to take down fall and enjoy the Christmas magic.
Yes, last year was Parker's 1st Christmas
but I feel like this year will really be #1.

I'm somewhat stumped for Christmas gifts for a 1 year old.
I would love to get a kitchen or the little red car but....
We need to move ASAP and do not have a ton NO storage
So what do you get a 1 year?

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