Friday, May 8, 2015

Back at this Friday Five

We are back from
the most amazing Puerto Rican vacay!

The Mr. and I had a great trip.
Can't wait to share all the details.

It's always sad coming back to reality.
This time I was excited to be home and get back on a schedule.
And we missed sweet P so much!

I prefer coming back to work on a Friday.
Getting caught up, then an additional 2 days at home to recover, and start fresh and ready to run on a new Monday.

A restful family weekend is calling my name.
Our weekend will be full of family walks, swims, and naps.

Here are five peeks from my amazing week
via the handy iPhone.

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Can't you feel his excitement to go shopping in town!

More and much better photos to come!!

Cheers to all the mama's out there.

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  1. Oh, I could really use a beach vacay right now! Lucky you! More pictures!!!