Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Post!

We (or I) wanted to start a blog to journal about our semi new marriage, home renovations, travels and all of the other exciting situations we seem to find our way into. This past summer we bought a 1930’s bungalow in a historically neighborhood outside of Atlanta. Most of the major renovations have been made such as updated windows, bathroom, and kitchen with the exception of appliances. At the start of the year we have now started mapping out our renovation timeline. Thus far we have repainted every square inch of the plaster walls at least once. I will further post before and after pictures and the stories to match.

Apart from our home renovation we both stay very busy with our jobs, traveling, eating and raising our precious Hendrix, the most amusing mix of golden retriever, lab, chow, corgi and anything else you can imagine.

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Go Colts?! I think...I'm still undecided and will keep you posted.

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