Sunday, February 28, 2010


No Sunday Funday for us. Mr. and I are currently in bed sick. And I'm looking forward to our quiet night in bed with soup and the Closing of the Winter Olympics. I'm very sad it will soon be over. I have become quite the fanatic of the winter games. I plan on taking up curling next winter. I'm currently watching the USA vs. Canada hockey game in overtime. I'm very superstitious and they do better when I'm not giving it my full attention thus I'm blogging.

Anyways since I have been stuck in bed all day I'm making some lists of plants for the landscaping we plan on completing this spring. I love making lists and love crossing things off of my many lists. This year we have decided to pick a home improvement project each month...

· January - bathroom paint and new ceiling
· February - painting trim and ceilings...almost done
· March - prep yard for landscaping and start landscaping
· April - take down wall between living room and dining room
· May - finish up landscaping and mini vacay for Food and Wine Festival and visiting friends in New Orleans!
· June - vacation.... family reunion and beach (okay so not a project but you have to take a break every now and then)
· July - finish guestroom, which at the moment still has a few boxes and white walls.
· August - install half bath
· September - build butcher block kitchen island (unless we find one we like before then)
· October - NYC and 2nd wedding anniversary
· November - decorate for Christmas, trust me for us this is a project. I did not get to fully decorate this past year and I can’t wait for this Christmas!
· December - new living room furniture...YES!

So as you can see we have our work cut out for us in 2010!

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