Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Tuesday was a great day. (I’m a little behind this week) One of our best in quite some time!

First of all I went down to the capital of Atlanta to court for my car accident in October. This was only my second ticket ever and my first time in a court room. It was a lot like the tv shows. I originally pleaded guilty and after watching several people walk up and say no contest they were dismissed. So little old me walk up stated my name and said ‘excuse me sir, I would like to change my plea’ and the judge gave a small chuckle and said ‘you are catching on, good job’ then asked if any witnesses were in the court room. No one responded and I was dismissed…free to go! Very exciting news as I was prepared to pay some sort of fine. The Mr. was very supportive. He woke up early to go with me and then couldn’t go in the courtroom and had to wait in the hallway for 2.5 hours. He’s the best! I took the day off work due to court but then we were outta there by 10:15.

We ventured over to the Pottery Barn in search of our new sofa. We found it!!! It was the first couch we sat on! And it was on sale! So excited to finally have a new sofa, even if we won’t get it until after Christmas. Now we just need to find a coffee table and 2 more chairs and we will be set, Merry Christmas to us!

Then we had a great little lunch date.

Headed home for a change of clothes and headed to the tree farm. After a long while of searching we found 2 great trees. One inside tree and one back porch tree, we finished decorating last night.

The Mr. made a delicious beef stew and then we were off to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the Holiday lights. So pretty definitely going to be a new holiday outing for us if you are in the area you should definitely check it out!

It’s been a very busy/productive week and I can’t wait to share pictures tomorrow!

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