Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer has arrived!

It was so nice to have 3 entire days off and I didn’t even think about work! I didn’t do a whole lot either. I did a lot of lounging by the pool. Started ready the Fifty series…I have not yet determined my opinion it hasn’t gotten kinky yet but I’m almost to that point. The Mr. and I got in a terrible Braves game and finally saw the Avengers. The movie was good but I think had my expectations a bit too high for that one. We had a great grill dinner last night a little grilled corn, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and a big fat steak! The finished it off with a little marshmallow roasting, perfect summer evening….and that about sums up our activities.
Cheers it is Summertime!! I love the next few months full of sunshine, grilling, fireworks, watermelon, ice cream and water lots and lots of swimming, soaking, and lounging. Changing seasons is always a great new beginning.

I’m pretty pumped for a short week! My mama and I head up to the VA for my cousins graduation Wednesday.
Looking forward to some good old family fun…and I’m sneaking away to enjoy one day at the beach ;).


  1. Are you reading the Fifty Shades series by EL James?

    Are you aware it was merely message board fan-fiction based off the Twilight books/movies?

    Plagiarism, the deliberate taking and claiming as your own someone else's hard work, changing the names of the characters and calling it ones own is still theft - just wrapped in a pretty package.

    While many authors write or have written fan-fiction in an effort to fine-tune their own skills when writing dialog and descriptions, it is certainly a "special breed" that seeks to financially profit from it. Therein lies the difference between honing skills and a crime.

    Love reading your blog, and it seems you have quite a happy marriage and a lovely home but I am disappointed that one would choose to align with criminal behavior.

    Theft of original ideas or characters IS STILL THEFT - what's next? Who knows as long as its profitable.


  2. While I am certainly not on board with the Fifty Shades of Grey fan base, and have zero desire to read the books, I think it's a bit heavy to call reading a published book aligning with "criminal behavior". The premise of the book is fan-fiction, but the creativity and artistic license taken by the author of Fifty Shades is not something I would call criminal. I can think of several books that have been written that stem from an original story written by someone else. It's a bold statement to claim that the personal choice of Mrs. W to read a piece of fan-fiction is intended to harm the original story or align with criminal behavior -- just as I sincerely doubt Ms. James penned the story to sabotage anything Twilight-related.