Monday, June 25, 2012

Fresh & Clean in the Summer

It was so nice to wake up on a Monday morning to a fresh and clean house. Thanks to my mama for all of her help. The housework had definitely piled up over a busy couple of weeks. I’m happy to say I’m back on the ball and I am within site of our vacay, t-minus 14 days.

Since I’m back on top of things I’ve created my summer bucket List! I’m so so excited to enjoy summertime! My list looks a little like this….

- Go camping at Grandma’s Farm
- Beach Trip
- Plan our 4th Anniversary Trip
- Lose 5 pounds
- Save a little money!

Ethan Tray Table
- Find end table and picture for living room – almost checked off I ordered one for Ballard Designs this morning
- Start to fill in the back yard flower beds
- Start the bathroom project

- Host our Olympic Party!! So excited, Mama and I started planning this weekend and it’s going to be so fun! I’ll share more news closer to the big day, July 27th.

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