Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Every 4 Years

I had a mild obsession with the Olympics.  I hate that it is only every 4 years.  I’m going to have to get into the Winter games in 2014.  I believe I successful caught a glimpse of every sport.  This year I really enjoyed the archery (like everyone else), modern pentathlon, fencing, and the indoor cycling.  
We had planned an Olympic party but my mama had surgery so the week of the opening ceremonies we cancelled.  Well the day of she was feeling better and my sister was in town with her bf and their costumes.  So since it is only every 4 years we pulled together a few peeps and had a little shindig.  

It looked a little like this…
little brother with the Lithuania basket ball t-shirt from the '96 games and our torch

the Asian crowd

the family [mom and dad wore their usher and security uniforms from the '96 games]

I found my mama dress from her 9th grade homecoming dance and the Mr. found a British type hat and we were Duchess Kate and Harry...not sure we really pulled it off but I think for a last minute outfit it's not too bad ?

I really am sad it's over....but it's still on the DVR!  We had a blast!

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