Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where did you go on vacation?

Our answer is – Delware. 

It’s funny to see the look on faces when I answer this question.  Down south, Delware doesn’t come up in conversations very often.  We had a great trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delware.  It was absolutely adorable and may be a more frequently visited location for us.  The Mr. chose the location because Rehoboth/Milton is home to the Dogfish Head Brewery.  Luckily for me it happens to be located in a super cute quaint beach town.
my two little pictures I squeezed in

now for the Mr.'s pictures

aren't there offices pretty!!

the treasure

palo santo tanks, made from palo santo wood (the 2nd hardest wood in the world)

the Mr. purchases...round 1

 To make the trip even more exciting for the Mr. we happen to meet a brewer at the Brew Pub bar.  After closing down the bar we the Mr. had found a new friend.  Total coincidence turned into a private brewery tour, lots of information, and a man crush for the Mr.

the Mr. on his very extensive private tour...there are another 300 photos but I won't bore you with 300 photos of stainless steal pipes and tanks.

I was beyond impressive with our experience at the brewery especially our private tour guide.  He went to work at 6am and then met us afterwards and gave us a 2 hour tour!!  He was so nice and informative.  Dogfish Head gets a A+++ on customer service and company culture.
I think that is probably enough photos for one post!  Until my next photo unload, have a great day!

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