Monday, August 19, 2013

We are getting there....29 weeks.

It has been a whirlwind summer.
I can not believe we are half way through August.
Last week I got an email welcoming me to the 3rd trimester.
I had a moment of panic.

The Mr. is pretty much the most amazing man.
First he is complete in love with our little girl.
Some days he says good morning to her before me.
The Mr. has really been a huge help.

I have to say I have kind of been enjoying pregnancy.
After the first 16 weeks it has been smooth sailing.

We are almost finished with the nursery.
Still have the little decorating of odds and ends to finish up.
Luckily my mama will be home soon to help.
I will be sewing curtains this weekend and we will be almost complete.
Here is a sneak peek of everything crammed into one corner.

We finally picked out and purchased a new car.
Yes, I guess you could say our family car.
But it was definitely needed as Mr. car was about to bite the dust.

So here is finally a picture of the bump and our new ride at 27 weeks.

I'm 29 weeks today and other than the occasional back and hip pain
I have no complaints!
In the coming weeks we will have our first baby shower,
last little get-a-way, and the much anticipated child birth class...eekkk.

Despite my plans I have been very bad about documenting my pregnancy.
I'm going to blame it on the fact that I have really felt pretty great,
had no cravings, and outside the joy of feeling her move not real news.
I did tell the Mr. last night that in a few months I'm going to really miss feeling her move around in there.

Happy Monday!
Now that things are beginning to settle down
and my panic is gone I'm going to start blogging again.

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  1. Love the nursery -- you have transformed that room.

    See you later today. :-)