Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Bucket List

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Thus far summer has been a whirl wind.
But I'm happy my travel is behind me and
looking forward to enjoying our bungalow this summer.

I will celebrate with our
Summer Bucket List
In no certain order...

take more photos and learn how to use my DSLR

impromptu beach trip with our P
(I guess it won't be impromptu if I'm planning on it)

finish up the back yard beds
Make your own sprinkler out of a 2-liter bottle!  Fun craft for kids.
play in the sprinkler

create/buy a play kitchen for P

organize an office space in our little bungalow

tire swing

family mountain weekend - this may spill over into fall

family smores night

fresh picked summer blueberries.
blueberry picking

day/night at Stone Mountain 
(always a favorite of mine)

teach P to swim - thus far not going so well

and last but not least...perhaps revamp our little place in the blogsphere.

Cheers to a Tuesday

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