Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A look back at Fall: A Parker Update

This was drafted long ago but finally getting around to finishing.

Parker grows up more ever day, our precious baby is now a little girl.
(I could cry just writing this)
Everyday is a new word is discovered
a new favorite toy
a new routine emerges
and her sweet giggles keep melting us.
Parker currently loves....

Displaying IMG_20150815_103736894.jpg
Displaying IMG_20150815_103736894.jpg
We love our babies that she carries around, feeds, and puts to sleep each day.
She loves to pat their backs to sleep, quite hard I will say.
A new favorite changes each day and we carry around as many as possible.
2-3 in our arms, one in our purse (which we can't leave home without), and then mama and dada are given one to carry.

We love Elmo and have to say nigh nigh Elmo before leaving the house and going to bed.

Love being outside on the porch or at Mimi Papa's (it's usually a one word combo)
Picking up hats (the acorn tops) and sticks, pulling the petals off her flowers, and racing in the grass.

Our brother Hendrix gets a lot of love
Well all dogs
wanted and unwanted
We crawl on his back for 'rides' which don't ever happen.
We've learned to feed him (too much)
and then we like to feed him by mouth and have little chats with him...

We love to drink it, play in it, and pour it around everywhere.
Don't like anything beverages other than milk and water.
We LOVE to swim, kick, blow bubbles, and dig a hole.
Parker loves visiting Mimi Papa and swimming with Mimi
Enjoys her bath but not crazy about the actual cleaning part.

Race Car Cart
Love shopping in our race car cart.
But only in a car cart.

Mimi and Papa

Displaying 4785.jpeg
She loves hanging out with Mimi and Papa

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet P!
Displaying IMG_20151031_183141282.jpg
We spent her 2nd birthday a bit under the weather.  My brother and Gabby were in town and we have a big family dinner at P's favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden.  (I'm convinced it's the sticker kids menu and side of grapes.)  Very low key this year since we were living with my parents while the move/new home updates were gearing up.

Waiting for my new camera cord and will post a full range of P pics soon.


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