Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Another Monday

Where did the weekend go?  Quiet Friday night at home.  Saturday cleaning and then went to my aunt's to see the condo makeover.  My mama and her friend have been purging and redecorating my aunt's condo for the past 6 weeks or so and I went over for the big reveal and dinner.  It was quite a transformation I wish I had some before and after shots.  Hopefully I can track some down to share.  I had big plans for yard work on Sunday, but instead I was struck by the stomach bug and spent the day in bed.  One of my few readers mentioned that I still do not have any photos of the inside of our home so I will start by sharing our painting episode...

The first of the year Mr. surprised me and painted our bedroom while I was out of town.  Well in painting our bedroom, Chocolate Souffle by Ralph Lauren, he noticed how discolored the trim and ceilings had become over time. So he started to paint the ceiling and trim too! Caulk White by Ralph. This became quite a project and it was delayed a few weeks. When we restarted the project we found that Home Depot was in the process of discontinuing Ralph paint and replacing it with Martha Stewart (not a big fan). I'm a bit upset about this as I LOVE Ralph's colors. We once again delayed as we made several attempts to find the paint and had to resort to matching the paint. Several trips to Home Depot later we found ourselves with a paint sprayer. Once we figure out how it worked, approximately 3 hours later, it was quite handy.  Here are a few pics of the process...

Please note that a paint sprayer does bit save time. 

First you have to tape and drape everything.  You are not suppose to use indoors but we (I) don't like to read directions and/or follow them.  We closed off each room as we sprayed and opened the windows, which worked perfectly fine as you see 3 months later and we are all still alive.  After doing all of this it takes about the same amount of time as it would have taken to roll, but a lot less painstaking rolling labor.

The Wagner Paint Sprayer equipment. I thought Mr. might throw it out the window before we even started. As you can see I was a lot of help...not.

I realize I have yet to show some after shots but I promise they are coming soon.  Stay tuned.

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