Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Day Weekend!

I love a 3 day weekend, especially after a long eventful week.  To recap...

  • Last Sunday was my man's birthday.  I surprised him with a painted deck and big a** grill.  It is part gas, part charcoal, and has a smoker!  We are grilling out tonight!  Pictures TBA
  • Monday we had visitors in town and helped finish up the porch!  It was great to see you all and thank you the help.
Before Fall 2009
    After (better photos to come)
    Construction by my father and painting by the Mr. and his father.
  • Tuesday I had my first JL meeting and Mr. made some fabulous Zesty Lemon Pie via July issue of Southern Living.  Great, easy recipe you must try.
  • Wednesday and Thursday I caught up on some house work and packed for an overnight.
  • Friday my mom met me at work and we took off to Prattville, AL to watch my brother play in the GA/AL Nike Cup at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.  It was soo beautiful and the weather was perfect.  I had no idea how pretty Alabama was, very impressed.  Oh, and my brother did AWESOME!  The GA team lost by .5 of a point, but they did great and one of the kids on his team got a Hole in One.  He can now join my club, I retired from golfing at the age of 20 when I got my hole in one :)
  • My dad enjoyed wondering over the hills to get a view.
      It looked like he was in a scene from the 'Sound of Music'.
  • Sunday back to the Atl and my Aunt come out and we went to the Marietta Art Festival, several antique stores and Harry's Supermarket, my favorite grocery store.  The Art Festival was pretty impressive as well, they had some really great artists.  Usually at these kind of festivals there are some booths here and there that are really great but this one almost every booth was something interesting.  The festival was featured in this month's Southern Living, which by the way is a great issue!  Oh and did I mention I missed my first FSU game of the season for my brother!  Yes I know I am a wonderful sister!  I recorded and watched it Sunday and the team looked GREAT I think it is going to be a quite the season, we will know for sure after this coming weekend in Norman.  Oh and the Art Festival had painted port-o-potties.
  • Today I'm enjoying some close to perfect watermelon and Harry's Private Roast Coffee.  Then the Mr. and I are going to walk down to the Square to the Art Festival again and then who knows....  But tonight is another Big Game...Let's Go Hokies!!!  Oh how I have missed college football.

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  1. The Sound of Music and your dad? Is all kinds of humorous to me.

    Love the pictures.

    Love the blog.

    House is looking great -- I love the addition to the front. John is talented -- and it's great to be thisclose to him ---LOL