Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tub Soaking

It's been a day.  These are the evenings when all I want to do is soak in one of these...with a glass of wine.

One of my favorite things is a Clawfoot Tub (below definition from wikipedia)
The clawfoot tub or claw-foot tub was considered a luxury item in the late 19th century,[1] originally made from cast iron and lined with porcelain. Modern technology has contributed to a drop in the price of clawfoot tubs, which may now be made of fiberglass or other modern materials. Clawfoot tubs usually require more water than a standard bathtub. While true antique clawfoot tubs are still considered collectible items, new reproduction clawfoot tubs are chosen by remodellers and new home builders.[2]

 Clawfoot tubs come in 5 major styles:
  • Classic Roll Rim, Roll Top, or Flat Rim tubs as seen in the picture above.
  • Slipper tubs - where one end is raised and sloped creating a more comfortable lounging position.
  • Double Slipper Tubs - where both ends are raised and sloped.
  • Double Ended Tubs - where both ends of the tub are rounded. Notice how one end of the classic tub is rounded and one is fairly flat.
  • Pedestal Tub - Pedestal tubs, unlike all the styles listed above, do not have claw feet. The tub rests on a pedestal in what most would term an art deco style. Evidence of pedestal tubs dates back to the Isle of Crete in 1000 BC.

Clawlfoot Tubs can go in any home.  They are timeless and elegant.  My favorite baths are neutrals with interesting pattern and textures.  Note the pic with white subway tiles in herringbone!  Another must in my dream bath is a chandelier.  It can be big or small, causal or regal as long as it makes the bath sparkle. 

images from Home Depot, House Beautiful, Country Living, My Home Ideas, Casa Sugar, Kitchen Bath Ideas

Unfortunately I'm not currently soaking a clawfoot, but I am drinking wine!

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