Monday, February 28, 2011

A Monday with a Plan

Monday came too quickly this week...way too quickly.  This weekend was absolutly beautiful and full of cleaning up the yard.  I filled 15 lawn bags and 2 trash cans full of leaves, weeds, and dead plants.  And we still have some clearing out to do before we have a starting point.  Nevertheless, I'm so excited to begin landscaping and planting this year!  I am all over the board with what kind of plants and what colors...hence why we've lived here almost 2 years and have yet to landscape.  So I've decided I need to force myself to begin making a decision and am giving myself 2 weeks to create a plan.  By March 14th I will have some plans to share.  I'm very excited about getting started...wish us luck!

Oh and the guestroom is finally painted!  Yay...unfortunately it's dark and rainy tonight so I won't have photos to share until later this week, but I can't wait to share.

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