Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June becomes July

We are headed back home from a wonderful wedding weekend!  I love the water and definitely need to consider moving closer.  Now that we headed back to reality it’s time to start making my July list.  The June list went pretty well.

A couple of roll over items…
Still looking for bedroom lamps and contemplating painting the bedroom
Dig up some dying bushes on the side yard so we can plant some healthy new ones
Hang hammock…this has turned into quite a project. It turns out that the hammock is quite large and won’t work on the porch as planned so we are examining options B through H. Hopefully we can determine a plan and execute soon…I’m ready to relax.

And a couple of new fun items…
Download some type of Photoshop and start learning how to edit
Find some new kitchen rugs
Complete all shopping needs for our family cruise in August!!!

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