Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving Along

It's hard getting back in a routine after a few days at the beach...ughh. But we are managing and have a lot on our plates before the next vacay. 5 weeks and counting! What's happening with us you ask...well.

I'm staying busy trying to get Hendrix to lose some major weight. Good news is he doesn't have thyroid problems, he's just lazy. So we are walking at least 2 miles a day since he refuses to play catch.

I have become mildly obsessed with coupons and organization of household papers. Yesterday I spent $30 at Publix and saved $18.90 in coupons! I’m no extreme coupon-er (not sure if that is actually a word or not?) but I’m on my way. I'm also working on finishing the majority of Christmas shopping before October!

Working on planning our anniversary trip.

Still working on cleaning up the yard. It seems every time I get close to tidying it up we have another big storm that floods the yard the branches.

This weekend I spent a very lazy Sunday downloading a trial version of Photoshop Elements and experimenting. It is pretty incredible what you can do! I’ll have to share creations later this week.

Pinning has recently become a new hobby. Pinterest is just AMAZING!! A few of my favorites of the week…
Dress by Judith March via

Summer Porch via Wandersings of a Wannabe

Festival of Lanterns, Chiang Mai, Thailand via sunsurfer – I read an article on MSN about this a few weeks ago. It sounds like a beautiful event, perhaps one day we can attend.

Hope everyone has a great week, happy Tuesday!

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