Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a Little Project

We are looking to make a few changes in our kitchen.  Nothing immediately, very early stages of the thought process as we have a few more projects ahead of this one but I'm just doing a little day dreaming today.  We don’t hate it and it has had some upgrades but they were not done well or complete.  So we are looking to get new cabinet doors, paint or get new hardware, and redo the back splash.

I like the smaller natural stone rectangle tiles.

 Love the basic cabinet detail and hard woods would be a dream but won’t happen in our current bungalow.

 I like the dark colored hardware.

I like the glass fronts with the little cabinets on top.  I'm just not convinced I can commit to glass fronts.

I love the glossy white subway but it doesn’t look quite right with our darker brown toned granite.  But I think I’m sold on the very basic cabinet front.  And these flowers and colorful seat cushions are gorgeous, great little pop of color! 

 I have definitely decided I would like open shelving above the sink.  Next house I will have a sink over the kitchen sink.

Beautiful light fixture and I really like the look of the shutter front cabinets with modern hardware but the not practical.  Can you image how dusty and greasy these would get, I’m all about low maintenance. 

All images from My Home Ideas sorry I don’t have all of the links.

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