Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Herbs in the Laundry Room

I think our thumbs have become greener more green this summer. Look how our herbs have grown!


So next question is what to do with them when the chill creeps in? Well I have a few ideas up my sweater. I found this lovely room on pinterest...

I might just try to install some of the handy window shelves. I have my fabulous daddy booked to do a little handy work in here as a birthday present, can’t wait to share the after pic.

Obviously I won’t be able to transplant all of the herbs into small pots for the winter so here are my plans for the rest.

The trailing rosemary will be transplanted in the front yard’s new bed.
Most of the basil will be turned into pesto and frozen.
The rest of the basil be chopped and put into ice cubes for some fall cocktails.
Small portions of the thyme, oregano, lavender, parsley, fennel, and lemongrass will be moved to small pots for the winter.
Most of the thyme, oregano, and lavender will be dried. I might even try to make some sort of rub or seasoning to give as Christmas gift.

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