Monday, September 26, 2011

What a Weekend

So it may not sound exciting to you but I had a very productive weekend.


I have started the laundry room project and found some additional storage and the Mr. and I have a plan for the bathroom and I'm pretty pumped to get started

Finally saw ‘The Help’ wonderful movie!

Completed my first sewing project, a dust ruffle and you can no longer see all of the storage under our bed. I felt very primitive to be working on my sewing machine while the Mr. was sawing and nailing together some box for his beer making contraption.

Last week I came to the realization we are leaving for NYC in 2 weeks and the only weekend between now and then is booked, YAY! So…I went ahead and pulled out the fall/winter clothes and did a little shopping. I’m pretty excited for my new wardrobe finds and about finishing up a little planning to maximize our time.

I'm have some pics uploaded later this week. 
It’s pretty amazing how a productive weekend can put a little pep in your step on a Monday morning. 

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  1. The Mr and I painted our bedroom gray this weekend.

    That was all we could do. We are old.

    I painted it Bennington Gray by Sherwin Williams -- I love it -- it's cool and calming.