Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another one in the books.

It was quite a weekend of ups and downs! 

First of all who knew dogs could get yeast infections on their lips...gross.  Yep $75 later Hendrix has a yeast infection on his left lip. Apparently moisture and bacteria can get caught up in the flappy part and cause a yeast infection.  Good knew his the medicine is really helping.

Zip Lining was pretty awesome.  We had a great group of people...including my 3 companions and bunch for FSU fans.  I little disappointing how clueless they were about out football team but nevertheless still fellow noles.  The weather was perfect and I got some great pics...

pre orientation

geared up and ready to go

the girls

 clinging to a tree before take off

bridge over the parking lot...the scariest part

our guides Jessie and Newman

sky bridges between zipping

I apologize for the multitude of pics.  I highly recommend this day trip.  It's Historic Banning Mills Zip Lines in Whitesburg, Georgia.  I'm already planning another trip including the boys.

Saturday night had a bittersweet ending with only one of our teams winning.  Poor Miss State had a disappointing loss in double over time, but on a positive note FSU did put out a win!

It's a holiday week!  Which means a short week and lots of good food!

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