Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Front Yard: Phase One

So we have started phase one of the front yard clean up.  The side yard had no landscaping what so ever.  We have build a stone wall to create a flower bed.  We hope for level it up with the neighbors yard and actually grow something!  The Mr. and I don't have the very green thumbs but are definitely improving wish us luck.


the first load of very heavy stones...

and after...

and then we realized the other size of the house needed a few stones...

We are almost done but the Mr. being an extreme perfectionist (which I love despite my sarcasm) needs to cut and wedge stones in the cracks.  Once complete we will fill the bed with soil and plant some new shade loving shrubs.  Perhaps by the end of April my body will heal.


  1. It's a killer -- yard work; you have to be young to do it, but you only have time when you are old.

    Yard looks good.

    I walked by there a couple of weeks ago.

    I didn't even see the dog.


  2. the wall looks good...

    Did John help you with that?

    Was that just you and the chef?