Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend I visited my Grandmother’s home town of Abingdon, Virginia.  It is a quiet, quaint little town in the mountains. 

a home downtown where my Grandmother used to hang out when the family visited town

my sister, mama, and me outside the wine shop with our purchases

the courtyard behind the wine shop

Friday night we arrived and my mama, sister and I went for a drink at the Martha Washington Inn. Saturday we visited some cousins and then attended the memorial service for another family member, one Grandmother's first cousin. It was sad but joyous event. The service was held on her family farm, Windy Hill Farm, doves were released by her son and everyone was given ashes to spread. 

This is truly one of the most peaceful places.

aunt, mama, sister, and apparently a cousin ?

 she has beautiful gardens

my grandmother's first cousin Mary Dell and my aunt

 they released doves after the service

And on the road to the farm we saw some terrible damage from the tornado a few weeks ago.  It took crews 3 days to reach the house from the main road.

After the service we went to Damascus for Trail Days, a festival for hikers that are on the Appalachian Trail.  It might possibly have even inspired me to do someday hike a portion of the trail.  I don’t think I could ever fathom hiking the full trail at 2,000 miles but perhaps from GA to Abingdon on day with my children.  I spoke to a man at the hotel and he had done this and it took him 36 days.  The festival consisted of mostly camping equipment and hippie stuff.  We did discover this hammock tent combo, my sister has those pic and has not yet sent them over.  If I ever do some service AT hiking I will definitely opt for this tent by Hennessy Hammock.  Sunday we went to church and headed home.  It was quite a drive for very quick trip. 

Only 1 more weekend until my bff’s last fling before the ring weekend!

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