Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Already!

Wow this week has really gotten away from me. My Grandaddy has been in town staying at my parents this week so I’ve been trying to hang out there as much as possible. Yesterday, he got to visit our little bungalow and meet his great grand dog Hendrix.

This week was very busy but I don’t feel very accomplished. I’m happy to report that all of our plants are still alive and flourishing and our black eyed susans are about to bloom! Kudos to the Mr., he successful put in a bright new headlight in the car, I was very impressed! I have another full weekend ahead, it seems there all are these days. Lunch date with an in town friend and movie night with the girls Saturday and Sunday is my little bro’s graduation lunch at church and hopefully I will get to spend the afternoon preparing myself for a very busy week and 3 day weekend :) !

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  1. Love seeing that photo of you and your granddaddy and your house.