Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Exciting Monday

The weekends are going by way too fast. I feel like the summer heat is creeping closer and closer and I don’t mind at all! I even have a little sunburn on my shoulders. It was a very busy week but I’m sad to say nothing too exciting to report from the weekend.
Friday was happy hour.
Saturday got a little house work done, laid out at the pool, and went out for some birthday festivities.
Sunday got a little more work done around the house and explored the Taste of Marietta.

Exciting Monday News!
After a relatively quiet day at work the Mr. and I ventured out in search of a new mattress! It has been several years since either of us has purchased a one. We have 2 queen beds and have been switching them back and forth because they are both terrible! We have stalled on buying a new one because we want a king bed but unfortunately in our little bungalow a king bed would overtake our bedroom. But we have decided that since one of our queens is from the Mr.’s childhood it’s time to break down and get a new one. I am sad to say that we did not do too much research prior to shopping but we found a great buy. We definitely spent more than we had planned but as the Mr. explained we sleep on it every night it’s worth a little splurging. We opted for a Simmons Beautyrest with coconut memory foam. The even better news…it is being delivered tonight! I will keep you posted on our beauty rest tomorrow.

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