Monday, November 7, 2011

Is it really Monday?

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Is it really Monday? It feels like the weekend didn’t even happen. It was a very busy weekend hosting a good friend’s baby shower with 2 other girl friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos so I will have to wait till I get those to share. It went really well and we were all very pleased with the outcome! Sunday night I finally got a chance to sit on the couch with the Mr. We sat down and couldn’t move. Really we didn’t move, we order takeout from the couch and rented a movie on demand. ‘Water for Elephants’…loved it! It was over and to our surprise it was only 9pm, but we crawled ourselves into bed anyways. We are a very excited couple….ha.

Happy Monday, hopefully I will get some energy this week because our house is a train wreck like none other…seriously it disgusting. I should have lots to share this week and I’m pretty excited to finish up the Laundry room!

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