Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Morning

I swear it has felt like a Friday for the last 3 days! It’s been a loooong week. A few fun things to report…

I almost started my Photography Class last night….however the instructor was a ‘no-show’ so the class will need to be rescheduled.
The Mr. took down our sliding shower door! Very exciting we have a new curved rod and I love it! We have wanted to do this for awhile and finally pulled the trigger. Pictures to come soon promise.
After a week long dose of steroids my poison oak is almost complete cleared up!

On the agenda for the weekend:

A little yoga + food festival
Facial – yes!! Check another item off my 30!
Shopping for and sewing a shower curtain
My little bro returns home after his 1st year of college! So excited to have him back.
And then some cleaning for some mid-week company.

Summer weather is here and I love it!! Happy Weekend!!

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