Thursday, April 12, 2012

Only 11 Days Late

A little March recap...

The Mr. sadly didn't win the 'Brew your Cask Off' but we had a ton of fun.  My little sister and her beau were in town we enjoyed lunch with them and a tour of new local brewery Red Hare before the main weekend event.  Both of our family's were able to attend and we all had a ton of fun.
 the Mr.'s keg

The competition handed out was very entertaining

Oh and the Seminoles WON the ACC!! My little sis and our friend who happens to be one of my followers came for the game!!!  He likes to really dress up for big games.
We finally got to plan our camillas and the front yard is coming along nicely.  We have started the overwhelming {very overwhelming} task of clearing  out some of the side yard.  It is full of weeds, random trees and bushes, and vines.  This will be a work in progress over the next several months.

More beer....we ventured to NOLA to visit good friends. We ate and drank our way though some spring time festivals for pork and beer. I made my Mr. a very happy this weekend.

 Couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a candied bacon snow ball
 My Mr. is such a good dancer!

pork rhine nachos!
 finally made it to the beer part

Next weekend I accompanied my parents and grandaddy to Abingdon.  My grandmother has a farm there and fingers crossed in the very near future we will have a little mountain retreat!  We picked out some home pontienal sites and looked into getting all of the permits set up! 
Next step finding a house plan to replace this old old house!

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