Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Friday Loves

(sigh) for sure, it's been one long week
I feel like we've had four seasons this week along

I am ready for Spring, tulips, sun dresses, and planting.

It's still a little early for some real planting.
I'm worried we may get one more cold snap.
But this weekend I am going do some indoor planting...

Succulent centerpieces via || Recreate this succulent wedding centerpiece with faux succulents from!

Aloe plants are very beneficial for increasing oxygen levels in your home. They have also been found to absorb formaldehyde, carbon dioxide,...
Great info from the Plant Extremist!

Spring TV is back!
I can't get enough Survivor and Amazing Race

I am loving compiling Parker's Spring Wardrobe!


SO much cute stuff out there...Pinterest has got me considering taking up sewing.

My Puerto Rican vacation is booked!
I'm so excited to get my summer clothes out and start putting together my packing list!

I'm biting the bullet and booking a family photo session.
We need a good picture of the 4 of us (4th being the dog, no baby on board)!

Cheers to a warm and relaxing weekend!

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