Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Randoms

We had a fun, productive little weekend.
Sadly I didn't get in a many photos.
Just this adorable gem from our wild Saturday night at Whole Foods.

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Had a new wine, Blake Ink, great affordable red blend.
Just picked it up at Whole Foods because it was on a display and we had to keep the Taxi moving.
We enjoyed the whole bottle last night.

Why do people forget how to drive when it rains.
Is it just coincidence that it is so hard to wake up when the rain makes that sleepy noise on the roof...
and then you get hit with that crazy traffic while running late.

I managed to get all my summer clothes out and winter put away over the spring cold snap.
Regardless I layered my summer clothes because I refused to drag winter back out.

How is it almost April?!?
I hate how time is flying.

Looking forward to a busy week with Church services,
dying eggs, egg hunts, and a breakfast with the bunny!

Cheers to a productive week!

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