Friday, April 17, 2015

Finally Friday

To say this has been a long week may be an understatement.
I got to spend 1 night at home this week.
Thank you to the Mr. for holding down the fort.

So looking forward to our weekend.
Although I'm not sure it will be very restful.

It's Yard Sale Season!
We are tagging along with my parents and hosting a sale this weekend!
The Mr. thinks my pricing is too cheap, according to his calculations if we sell everything we will make $15....haha.

My Jack Rodgers Jelly's came.
Love them!
Only thing I'd say, if you are ordering go a half size down.

Shopping Spree  Izak Zenou. Love the little shopping bag in the pup's mouth!
After I make my $15
I'm headed to the outlets for Puerto Rico shopping spree!

Favorite Read of the Week.
Check it out!

Did I mention I'm happy it's Friday!
Föstudagar eru bestir :-)
That is all.

Cheers to the weekend!

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