Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Bungalow Intro

Coffee x2

First and Foremost Happy Thursday!

I've read a lot of 're-introductions' in the blog world lately.
I'm not sure that I've ever done an official intro from our Bungalow.
With that being said, I've compiled my favorites from all of you
to create an intro from the Mr. and myself.

So please step inside our bungalow....

the story of us...
We met while working at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

The Mr. is in the culinary industry and I am in the hotel business.
We share a love for travel, but unfortunately seem to work a little too much.

We adopted a 6 week old puppy after dating 6 months.
Yes crazy, luckily it worked out and Hendrix is almost 9 and over 100 lbs now.

We've been married since October 2008.

We expanded our family October of 2013 and can't imagine life without our little P.
Parker brings us some much joy and love!

the best advice I've ever received
'You can be anything you want to be'
despite what I say, mom you were right
I don't necessarily believe this but it's always good to remember.

my favorite quote
changes frequently depending on my mood
right now with a crazy pimple I'm loving...
How to create free printables without using Photoshop!

favorite vacation spots
in not certain order...
Italy (Venice will always be my favorite)
Outer Banks
St. John holds a special place in my heart
Charleston is our favorite long weekend get-a-way

dream vacation spot
this is an ever evolving list...
right now it's 
London, Scandinavia, NAPA, and road trip through the Grand Canyon in an RV
Grand Canyon Skywalk. A must when visiting AZ, the view is breathtaking!
skywalk in AZ

five things i cannot live without (excluding my family, faith, and god)
my morning coffee, moisturizer, planner, nail file, sadly the cell phone

favorite thing to cook
Spaghetti, Chicken Pot Pie. Poppy Seed Chicken, 7 Layer Salad, Homemade Pizza or Antico

most trusted beauty secret
always always always take off your make up at night
and a good nights sleep goes a long way

women i admire, and why?
My Mama, she's a working mom that raised 3 pretty darn good kids (in my opinion) 
We may have been late a few places and missing a few things here or there.
But we always had a beautiful, festive home, something green at dinner, and a ton of FUN.
I had one of the best childhoods and I only hope I can do as well as she did for my family.

books on my bedside table. 

Southern Living, Pout Pout Fish and Make it Happen

how i enjoy spending my free time
Dreaming of warm summer nights! | Rue
A nice bath and a glass of wine, neighborhood walk and a glass or wine, or dining alfresco with a nice bottle of wine
(see my trend there)

What keeps you up at night?
My ever growing to do list, watching the baby monitor, and a snoring Mr.

Are you a morning person or a night person
100% Morning
but not too early, fashionably late morning like 6:30ish

Now that I read this totally random,
just a few strange tidbits about life in our bungalow.

Cheers to TGIF Eve,

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