Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Update

So hammock is not quite up yet, materials are now ready. Good news is our June list is coming along. The Mr. has finished filling the bed with soil.
We went shopping for some plants but came away empty handed and overwhelmed after a few hours at Pike Nursery. The tentative plan we are sitting on for a few days…

Tearing out the half dead and bare existing hedges
Whirlwind hostas as a front row

Wavering on the middle section between a dwarf rhododendron and something else...any suggestions
Red Rhododendrons or Acuba in the back 

(I like the Acuba better but the Rhododendrons will give me pretty flowers to fill our bungalow with the Spring and goes better witht he plants on the other side of the yard.)

To help with our wavering vision and our budget we are going to start with the Rhododendrons and go from there.  Now we just need to plant!  
{images: whirlwind hosta; acuba; rhododendrons}

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