Monday, March 5, 2012

Insert Clever Title

Sorry wish I had a fun title but I've got nothing...Monday brain.

We survived the storms in the south with a big pizza pie and beer. It was a very nice little weekend, a bit chilly and a bit windy but relatively relaxing. We were very lucky and my prayers are with those who were not. 
Saturday celebrated my daddy with a nice steak dinner and basketball games.  Thanks for all you do Daddy! 

A little late but last week the Mr. and I enjoyed ‘Act of Valor’ for our weekly date. It was so amazing. You all have to see it, I have a whole new respect for the Navy and their families.

In very exciting news camellias were purchased and planted!! They look very pretty and I’m so exciting that the flower bed we built last year is finally taking shape. We didn’t finish until it was dark so tomorrow I’ll have pictures to share. The Mr. worked at 7am yesterday and came home at 6pm and started digging holes. Isn’t he just the best!

The living room is as complete as it is going to be for a while. I have a few odds and ends to pick up but for now it’s complete. Again I promised to have pictures to share this week.

Happy Monday, it’s a busy week in our bungalow getting ready for a busy weekend.

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