Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Landscaping 2012

Well I'm sorry to say I only have 2 pictures to share.  Good news is I finally got a new memory card so I can start taking pictures on my phone again which insures more pictures in my posts.

We have successfully planed 7 camellias in the front yard bed we built last year.  Good bye half dying shurbs hello new pretty flowering shurbs!!  Very exciting.  The bed looks sparse but will be a working in progress.  So far we have th 7 camellias, several iris, 2 trailing rosemary (transplanted from last year's window box), 2 gardenias (1 at each end), and 2 acubas rooted from my mama's yard.
Not a great pic.

Early February I moved the 2 tree shaped rosemary bushes from our front porch pots and planted in the yard.  I added some winter with herbs and lettuce....
Lettuce, sage, chives, mint, and panseys.  I even had a salad from our front porch pots for lunch's so exacting to eat from you yard! 

I promise to have pretty pictures to share soon.

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