Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013...A New Year

 I’m going to make my list limited this year so I can really focus on making the most of 2013 and not plan too much!

For the Bungalow:
Complete outdoor shed for storage
Complete half bathroom
Paint our bedroom and bathroom cabinet
I'll leave it at that and avoid being too ambitious.

For Us:
Schedule a dedicated monthly date of something new and exciting….sounds easy but we failed in 2012 and the something new portion.  We did squeeze in a few and they were by far the best!
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Have a ‘just us’ vacation (perhaps just a long weekend) somewhere fun and relaxing!
I'm going to be better about cooking (healthier cooking) during the week for the both of us.
Support my Mr. in all of his endeavours.

For Me:
Complete my 30 before 30 bucket list…I have 9 months.
Eat healthier and be more frequent with my workouts, perhaps even join a gym?!

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Be a better Christian - get more involved in my faith and my church family.

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy start to the 2013!!  I'm looking forward to the next 363 days!!

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  1. Beautiful goals --- and .... I can't believe it's your thirtieth year.

    Ain't right.