Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day Late but Not Short

Sorry I'm a bit behind on my weekend recap but here it is....
It was a very productive weekend in our bungalow and we even got in a couple of movies.

Mama and I successfully walked 7 miles on Saturday. We waited a bit too late in the afternoon and it was much more difficult than I anticipated…but I wasn’t sore Sunday! We enjoyed a trip to Ikea, Ballard Backroom, and of course another fabric store. I’m forcing the Mr. to give me his opinion and the I’m getting it all done and ordered this weekend!

Sunday I cleaned the bungalow from top to bottom and did a couple hundred loads of laundry. I suppose it has been 2 to 3 weeks now that we have had our air purifiers. I LOVE them! They make such a difference in dust, dog hair, and just make the house feel fresher (is that a word?). If you have a dog or a dust allergy and don’t have one you need to order today! We actually got ours because I put too much money into our FSA thinking I was going to get pregnant and well that didn’t happen. So the last week of December I was determined not to let it go down the drain so one little trip to the doctor and 12 hours later air purifiers were in the mail. We got these 2…

Honeywell 50250 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier - for the living room, a bit large and noisy but love it!

It's award season and in the last 5 days have had 3 great ones!

All a little depressing but great movies, I recommend.

It's another busy week with at the bungalow hope everyone has a great week!

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