Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Randoms

It has been an amazing little week. The Mr. has been off work and it’s been wonderful coming home to both of my men each day.

As you know we have our new sofa in place! Woohoo. The old sofas have been sent off to the consignment store. This week we also purchase a beautiful leather recliner. It’s was a pretty penny but it’s an investment…right. Hopefully we will have this bad boy till twenty forty unfortunately we won’t get it until the end of the month. The living room is coming together slowly but surely. I’ll do a full post when it is completed hopefully before February.
Last night I also got to cross a pretty exciting thing off my bucket list. Over Christmas we came close to shooting some guns off at my Grandaddy’s farm. Unfortunately there were some hunters hunting and my Grandaddy didn’t want us to disturb them….lame I know but he’s the boss. Anyways…last night the Mr. and I ventured out to find a gun range. I was so excited to find one like 5 miles from the house. However I have to say I did not find the thrill in shooting. It scares me to death. I did it and wasn’t really very bad at it but I’m not signing up for a gun club membership anytime soon. So men there had some really crazy guns and they were very scary. I wanted a smaller one and the Mr. informed me that anything less than the 22 revolver we had would have been a beebee gun. Oh well call me boring but I’m good with a pepper spray and some running shoes for self defense.

It’s Friday and the Mr. is off I have no idea what to do this is new for us. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my Mr…and perhaps a few cocktails! Cheers!

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